​Sponsoring a Corporate Team: 

Good For Your Employees and Good for Your Organization

How Your Organization Benefits

  • Enhanced health and esprit de corps reduces insurance costs and improves morale and productivity.
  • Tour d’apple tee shirt for all participants.
  • Organization name and/or logo on the Tour d’Apple website, facebook page, press releases and other promotional materials.
  • Organization name and/or logo at the Start/Finish line.
  • ​Volunteer opportunities at Tour d’Apple.

​  How Your Employees Benefit

  • Better health and sense of well-being.
  • Complimentary body analysis from BlueSky MD to assist in meeting fitness and weight loss goals.
  • ​Discounts at Sycamore Cycles and Carmichael Training Systems.​

  Your Role

  • Identify and recruit employees and friends to participate in the team (three people minimum).
  • Support team members by paying some or all of the Tour registration fees.

​  Four Seasons Rotary Club’s Role

  • ​Coordinate training program and training rides.
  • Publicize your participation and team sponsorship.

​  Blue Sky MD’s Role

  • ​Provide complimentary body composition analysis and resting metabolism analysis to determine calorie needs for team participants.
  • Assist at training rides.