Ingles Markets Provides Rest-Stops Food and Gatorade

According to an article by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, here are some tips on what to eat before, during and after a bicycle ride.

Before your Tour d’Apple ride:

Eat oatmeal or what you normally eat for breakfast, but no high-sugar added foods like pancakes and syrup. A high-sugar meal will likely make you feel tired because your natural insulin will drop your blood sugar.

During your Tour Ride:

On a hard ride of more than an hour, periodically drink a sugared drink or eat some jelly beans, an exercise gel or any other sugar source, like fruit, cookies or candy bars. Dr. Mirkin cautions that you should consume some sugar on your ride before you actually feel hungry. He also recommends taking in some extra salt during an extended ride to promote muscle function and avoid cramps, especially during a warm weather ride. Of course, drink water or another liquid frequently to avoid deyhdration. Tour d’ Apple rest stops will offer good sugar and salt sources.

Many thanks to Ingles Markets for providing good sources of sugar and salt as well as water and Gatorade at the Tour d’Apple’s rest stops.    

After your Tour Ride:

Within an hour, eat food with a good source of protein and carbohydrates. The Tour’s post ride meal, including a Chick-fil-A sandwich, will provide exactly what you need.

*Dr. Gabe Mirkin, MD is a recongized authority on fitness, health and nutrition. Visit his website at For more details, CLICK HERE.

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